Kalo Zippered Tote Bag

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Kalo Zippered Tote Bag

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Kalo Zippered Tote Bag

The life of Kanaka Maoli is tied closely with kalo. Kalo is believed to have the greatest life force of all foods. According to the Kumulipo, the creation chant, kalo grew from the first-born son of Wakea (sky father) and Papa (earth mother), through Wakea's relationship with his daughter, Ho`ohokulani. Together they birthed a son named Haloanakalaukapalili, who was stillborn. He was buried and out of his body grew the kalo plant. They then had another son, healthy and strong, and he was also called Haloa, the namesake of his older brother. Haloa tended to his older brother, and the kalo grew abundantly. By Haloa's hand, the land became fertile. He was the first Hawaiian of whom all Hawaiian people are descended from.
Our tote bags are the perfect what-not bag for shopping, going to the beach, taking on a trip or whatever. Our distinctive designs decorate one side, with our Na Makua Logo on the back . It has an zippered closure and sturdy 18" canvas straps. They are made of 100% cotton canvas and have an inside zippered pocket.

Dimensions are: 22" x 15" x 5". # KOZTB

Price - $25