Kanilehua 'I'iwi Note Cards

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Kanilehua 'I'iwi Note Cards

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Kanilehua 'I'iwi Notecard Collection - 4 Pack

Hilo i ka ua Kanilehua • Hilo of the Kanilehua rain.
The Kanilehua rain, or the rain that patters in the lehua forest, is frequently referred to in the chants and songs of Hilo. Joining the famous Kanilehua rains in this design is the endangered 'I'iwi or Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper. This is one of the most beautiful birds in Hawai'i. It uses its long, sickle-shaped beak to probe for nectar of the Ohi'a Lehua blossoms. The 'i'iwi was valued by Hawaiians for its red feathers, which were used to make feather capes, helmets and other ornaments for the alii, or chiefs. Bird catchers would smear sticky sap on the branches of the Ohi'a and when an 'i'iwi landed on the sap it would be held fast in the sticky trap.

The note cards come in a set of four cards and envelopes. An original design available exclusively from Na Makua. (Card size: 4.25" x 5.5") #SNCKI

Pack of 4 - $10