Mahiole Tote Bag

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Mahiole Tote Bag

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Mahiole Tote Bag

The Mahiole, woven of 'Ie'ie and covered with rare feathers were reserved exclusively for the use of the Ali‘i, symbolizing their chiefly divinity, rank and power.
The construction of Mahiole required an incredible amount of labor and craftsmanship. Skilled trappers caught the birds by employing various techniques such as snaring their prey midair with nets, or using decoy birds to lure them onto branches coated with a sticky substance. They often harvested only a few feathers from each bird before releasing them back into the wild so they could produce more feathers.
Skilled workers belonging to the aliʻi class crafted a framework of 'ie'ie and olonā as the foundation for the helmets & cloaks, onto which thousands of bundles of feathers were attached, creating powerful, bold designs.

Our tote bags are the perfect what-not bag for shopping, going to the beach, taking on a trip or whatever. Our distinctive designs decorate one side. It has an open top and sturdy web straps straps. They are made of 100% cotton and are fully lined inside.

Dimensions are: 11" x 14" x 6". # MHTOBW

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